NEC MBB Mid-Season Report Card

In just several hours, the NEC conference gets underway and we all begin to see who in actuality are the real NEC title contenders or just disappointing pretenders. Since the non-conference season is finally over and pretty much every NEC team got about a dozen or so games under their belt, it is time now to hand out mid-season grades to all 12 NEC teams. [Read more…]

LIU Brooklyn moving back up in KenPom rankings

Last night, after LIU Brooklyn’s 97-70 win at Rice, the Blackbirds evened their record to 4-4. LIU is now on a four-game winning streak after starting the season on a four-game losing streak. As their season has yo-yo’ed so far, so has their KenPom ranking.

KenPom is a ranking created by advanced-statistics guru Ken Pomeroy on his website Anyone can go on his website and see his rankings at anytime for free but going deeper into his site requires a $19.95 yearly subscription. I’ve made in the investment before the start of the season and for me, it has been well worth the money. If you want a further breakdown of his rankings, click the help button above the years.

LIU Brooklyn started the season in the KenPom rankings at 133, third in the NEC in KenPom standings behind Robert Morris (84) and Wagner (116). As the season began and the LIU went through their four-game slide to begin the season, their KenPom ranking dropped from 133 all the way down to 163. LIU’s KenPom ranking then went back up to 152 after their first win against Columbia but eventually went all way down to 188 before the Blackbirds took on Rice last night even with a three-game winning streak before that. They were fourth in the NEC in the KenPom standings behind Robert Morris, Wagner, Quinnipiac.

After last night’s win at Rice, LIU’s KenPom rankings is back up to 143, making a 45-place jump. They are still behind Robert Morris (116) and Wagner (121) in the NEC KenPom rankings as of today. KenPom ranking isn’t by any means the end-all, be-all. Last season, for example, LIU Brooklyn finished fourth in the NEC according to KenPom standings with a 163-rank behind Wagner (112), RMU (113), and Quinnipiac (138) even though they won the NEC regular-season and tournament. Yet, KenPom factors in a lot of things the RPI ranking doesn’t. Right now, LIU’s RPI is only 227 and their strength of schedule is only 291.

We are still in December so all these numbers will change up and down as the season goes along. This is good to just get a temperature check on LIU now that they are back at .500.

The 2012-13 NEC Consensus MBB Poll

Now that the NEC Preseason Men’s Basketball Coaches Poll has been released and everyone with either full or partial knowledge of the Northeast Conference has taken their shots on predicting how the NEC will end up, I wanted to find out what the consensus was among the prognosticators. So I dusted off the abacus and went to work crunching poll rankings. [Read more…]

Blackbirds Hoops Journal’s 2012-13 NEC Men’s Basketball Preseason Preview

One of the most anticipated Northeast Conference men’s basketball season is fast approaching and soon the NEC will be releasing their 2012-13 preseason coaches poll at the NEC “Social” Media Day on October 23. Now that we can close the book on the LIU suspensions front and we all can begin to look ahead at what should be one of the most fierce and exciting NEC season in quite a while.  With that in mind, it is time to release the first ever Blackbirds Hoops Journal NEC preseason preview: [Read more…]

News and Notes Around the NEC: October 5

In exactly one week, the 2012-13 college basketball season officially gets underway with the start of practices around the country. With the arrival of October, the start of preview and prediction season has gotten underway. The debates start revving up on which teams will finish where, who will win what awards, who will have good seasons and who won’t. I think this is one of the most fun times of the year. Everyone’s team is 0-0 and everyone gets to state their cases on why a certain team will either be up or down for the year. You might be right, you might be wrong but you are usually always going to find someone who wants to debate you about it, and for me that is the fun of it all. Here is this week’s NEC news and notes: [Read more…]

News and Notes Around the NEC: September 28

We are now exactly two weeks for the first official day of practice and the start of the 2012-13 college basketball season. 6am workouts will soon turn into 6am practices. We are also just over three weeks from the big in-person NEC “Social” Media Day for Men’s and Women’s basketball at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  In a bit of exciting news, I can now confirm that I will be in attendance for this event to cover it for Blackbirds Hoops Journal. I’ll have more on that in the coming days and weeks but now on to today’s NEC news and notes. [Read more…]

BHJ’s Top 30 Players in the Northeast Conference for 2012-13: #10-#1

So here we are. We finally made it to the Top 10. If you been following the NEC for last few years, all of these names should be very familiar. All of these players will be looked upon to be major contributors to their teams this season. On this Top 10, you have all seven returning All-NEC first and second team players as well as the returning NEC rookie of the year. Without further ado, here is my Top 10 in the NEC for this season: [Read more…]