LIU Brooklyn will participate in Boston U’s Steve Wright Classic this November

It has been a while but finally today we have an update on LIU Brooklyn’s non-conference schedule.

While, other NEC teams such as Central Connecticut, Bryant and St. Francis Brooklyn recently released their complete non-conference schedules, news of LIU’s non-conference schedule has been very few and far between this summer.

Last Friday though, Boston University Athletics put out a release announcing their first Steve Wright Classic round-robin tournament which will be held at Boston U’s Case Gym from November 18th to the 21st. The tournament is named in honor of the Boston U. Hall of Fame star.

LIU Brooklyn will play in this tournament along with host Boston U. from the Patriot League, Northeastern from the Colonial Athletic Association and Maine from the America East Conference.

Here is the schedule of games for the Blackbirds in the Steve Wright Classic:

Saturday, Nov. 19
Northeastern vs. LIU Brooklyn, 6 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 20
LIU Brooklyn @ Boston University, 4 p.m.

Monday, Nov. 21
Maine vs. LIU Brooklyn, 3 p.m.

This is LIU Brooklyn’s first appearance in a tournament during non-conference play since the 2013-14 season in which LIU participated in the 2K Sports Classic Benefiting Wounded Warrior Project in Irving, California on the UC-Irvine campus. LIU were swept in all three games during that tournament losing to UC-Irvine, Eastern Washington and Boston U. by an average of 24 points. This was LIU’s first season post-three straight NEC championship season.

With LIU’s participation in the Steve Wight Classic, it looks like LIU will playing 13 non-conference games in 2016-17, meaning the Blackbirds will play the maximum 31 regular season games this upcoming season.

Add these three games with the addition of these two already known non-conference games:

Saturday, Decemeber 3 – @ Incarnate Word

Sunday, December 11 – St. John’s (@ Barclays Center)

So that leaves eight games still unknown but now at least we are once again tracking in the right direction.


  1. Dan From Staten Island says:

    There should be a few more of these mid-major only tournaments. Unfortunately, a good number of college programs throughout the US use the proceeds from those David v Goliath “guarantee” games to help fund their programs. As long as there are these big paydays available, they’ll always be enough more-than-willing participants to venture out and play the big guns at their home courts — and get hammered. Fortunately, it allows the smaller programs some media exposure they wouldn’t normally get and an opportunity to assess their play against a much higher level of competition. And, yes — it helps the smaller schools’ recruiting efforts, and occasionally there’ll be a totally unexpected upset or two that may become big news. Those David v Goliath contests aren’t going away any time soon. It’s the nature of the college game and it plays a major part in the spectacle known as “March Madness”.

  2. Michael Hernandez'71 says:

    Good tourney to get into. Northeastern is usually pretty strong in the CAA. Boston U and Maine are competitive in their respective conferences the Patriot and America East. The tourney is a round-robin format with everyone playing everyone else–awesome. And there are four different conferences represented–great. We see other teams like us from other conferences.
    OOC scheduling is not about playing the big guns on their turf and getting hammered for a check. It IS about playing schools with similar talent levels and athletic standing. It IS about showing your standing that against the competition.
    Gone are the days when we play the big guns. David vs. Goliath. The sling shot is no where near enough. And Goliath–well–just too athletic.

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