LIU Brooklyn gets late addition in point guard Jashaun Agosto

LIU Brooklyn got a late addition in landing point guard Jashaun Agosto out of Seattle, WA. (Photo: Jashaun Agosto/Twitter)

LIU Brooklyn got a late addition in landing point guard Jashaun Agosto out of Seattle, WA. (Photo: Jashaun Agosto/Twitter)

Well, that was fast.

Last week, we learned that All-NEC first teamer Martin Hermannsson was taking his talents back to Europe and signed with a professional club in France. Well, LIU Brooklyn head coach Jack Perri and his coaching staff went to working quickly on getting another player onto the 2016-17 roster and they did just that.

This afternoon, LIU Brooklyn landed 2016 point guard Jashaun Agosto out of Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington. He announced his commitment on his Twitter page.

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He is the third player from the 2016 class who has committed to LIU to go along with signees Julian Batts and Ashtyn Bradley.

One thing we do know is Agosto is a point guard who is a two-time state champion in the state of Washington and whose Garfield H.S. team finished third in this past season’s state championships and finished with a 26-3 record. Last season, according to MaxPreps, he averaged 10.5 points, 6.8 assists, 3.4 rebounds, 3.8 steals per game as a senior.

Several recruiting websites such as ESPN and listed Agosto as a three-star recruit. ESPN has him as their 45th-best point guard in the 2016 class with a 75 out of 100 grade. According to Verbal Commits, he had offers from Saint Peter’s and San Diego and had at some point interest from at least a dozen or so schools, many of them major programs.

One thing that is a bit of a question mark is how tall he is. His height seems to vary from website to website as well as articles that have been writing about him. I’ve seen where he has been listed as short as 5’8″ to as tall as 6’0″ with heights in between. I’m going to guess he is probably somewhere in the middle. From what I’ve been gathering, it sounds like his lack of height is what kept him from possibly going to a high-major program.

In reading some of the scouting reports on him, they characterize him as a point guard with great quickness who has a lot of toughness to his game especially for his size. The reports say he excels in the open court, not afraid to penetrate and get to the hole, has an excellent handle, above average passing ability and can also fill it up on the scoreboard.

Here are a couple of his most recent YouTube highlight video from this past season.

The addition of Agosto should make the preseason starting point guard battle even more interesting as that spot is undoubtedly up for grabs between Agosto, fellow incoming freshman Julian Batts and senior Iverson Fleming.

Agosto becomes the twelfth scholarship player on the 2016-17 LIU Brooklyn roster and leaves LIU with one more scholarship remaining. It remains to be seen if Perri and his staff will look to use the final scholarship on a player for this upcoming season or use it on a player in the 2017 class which would give him five scholarships to work with for next season’s recruiting class.

**Update** – Jordan Divens of spoke to Agosto after he committed to LIU Brooklyn and got some quotes. Read the article here.


  1. Michael Hernandez says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Spewing and ranting with expletives is not constructive but gutter discourse and has no place here. Nelson, I love your website and really appreciate what you do in your creative writing, time spent and funds expended. Thank you!!! But if this continues, you should take the “leave a reply” option down.
    Good commit for the Blackbirds. Concerning the last scholarship, I would leave it open and go hard for talent in the early signing period, although three additional scholarships will be available to sign good talent. Some hard recruiting will be forthcoming.
    To me, Coach Perri seems to have a nice team returning and will do fine. Glass half full—always.
    Michael Hernandez ‘71

    • COachPerriFullof Shit says:

      Michael your one of the ones that keep this asshole here and think he is doing a great job if you knew the truth you’d be leading the charge but guess what truth has been leaving hints . 6 recruits have left this program in the last two years and coach ahs won anything and the team mutinied on him so cursing at coach idiot Bridge is conservative after kids feel they have been used and lied to .You only get 4yrs of college ball then its off to the real world so be honest with players so they can make a decision if its their best option to play here. Ever wonder why coach Perri cant bring any players in from the 5 boroughs ? It’s because AAU coaches and high school coaches know he CANT COACH !!!

    • As always Michael, I appreciate the kind words. As far the comments go, I tried to leave the comments as an open forum as long as people treat each other with respect and avoid using profanity. Obviously, there are people who don’t care to do those things so I’m left with no choice but to not allow them to leave comments anymore. They can find somewhere else to go stew their garbage.

      Everyone, please feel free to continue leaving questions and comments around LIU or the NEC but please refrain from profanity and name calling. If that is just not possible, then you won’t be allowed to continue commenting. Period. End of story. I’m way beyond over it.

      As far as your comment on what LIU should do with the final scholarship, I’m in agreement with you. I think they should keep it open for a 2017 recruit rather than go after maybe a juco player. I think with the additions they’ve made and the players they already have on the team, I think as long as everyone stays healthy of course, they have enough talent and depth at all positions to going to the season with.

  2. Dan From Staten Island says:

    Agosto appears from the highlight videos to have a good skill set, but he’s on the small side. However, won’t discount the fact that it looks like he brings a nice level of athleticism. Reminds me a bit of Terriers’ Yunus Hopkinson, who was a valuable support player for SFC for two years but who really came on when given an unexpected starting opportunity as a junior — despite being vertically challenged. Think that the Blackbirds were lucky to corral Agosto so late in the recruiting year. And from the West Coast, no less!

  3. COachPerriFullof Shit says:

    To The Coach Bridge why dont you talk about how much of a terrible assistant coach you are !! Dont worry about who I am the truth is the truth and if i have a problem with you or coach Perri the bottom line is you arent winning and you haven’t won since the last successful coach of LIU left and gave you his players. You can try to justify you being a piss poor coach in which you are but Jack Perri lets start off by him being a notorious Liar and running a basketball system that has not been relevant or working since CYO 86 in which was probably his glory years. Why dont you talk about losing 6 of the last recruits on your and his watch ? Turn over in any program is a reflection of leadership in both of you truly aren’t . Coach Perri was given the job over other qualified candidates and you should have stayed a division 3 coach in which in your basketball scheme you still are. When you have players questioning your Basketball acumen and IQ is definitely a problem but lets be honest and very real Coach you and Perri are a fraud .Now that he has loss his great white hope aka Martin Hermanson his days are numbered and so are yours ! But they are a list of things wrong with you and Jack Perri first off your substitution process is very amateurish for a Div 1 program at every 17 min point you are subbing someone out . You have a piss poor center who leads the entire NCAA in get his shot blocked or punched and your offense is stagnant because you formed a team that is not consistent from the perimeter but you built your offense on shooting the 3. Now in case you have notice there has been an outcry of coach showing favoritism to the great white hopes in which when they messed up they were shown compassion but if any other of the team or players did the same they were immediately removed .Now how you gonna try that and folks cant see what your doing ? I dont know where you got your license to coach but can you go on youtube and and check out real coaches who know how to break a Press !! Your recruitment of players is dishonest you show no loyalty to the players you persuaded to come there to play and now that you guys have invested money time energy into Elvar and Martin and they decided to shit on YOU & PERRI its deservingly sooo. But ;last but not least lets talk about how you scared players into taking away their scholarships because of the bullying and intimidating tactics you and Perri use. Rather than coach these men you use them scream at them and when Iverson Fleming approached you guys on it you denied it but 10 of the players said you did and this is where the bullying and threats came into play of taking scholarships and playing time away . The woman’s basketball coach was FIRED the Soccer coach was FIRED and they all didn’t have winning records so why sir are you still here ? Dont give me that shit that kids transfer . You only transfer when you are unhappy or have been lied to . Just like a relationship where there is no trust there is no bond and you will finally experience because your time will be up shortly so get ready to be ousted cause after this losing season all that you have sowed will reap and I stand by my name CoachPerriisFulofShit and So are you Coach bridge but more so you are a asshole and a YES MAN GROW SOME BALLS !!! ps you LUCKY i CAN POST THE PETITION ON HERE BUT TRUST ME ONE OF MY PEOPLE INSIDE YOUR CAMP WILL HAH LOL

  4. Normally I wouldn’t write something like this on here but figured it was about time. Whoever the person (who has changed names multiple times) is who continues to write stuff to try and get Coach Perri let go clearly isn’t a big enough person to leave his own name and sits behind these fakes names. But here are some facts for you. If you look around the country every team has people transferring for one reason or another. Many have too many of the wrong people giving them advise and it leads to some bad decisions. Not always the case, however that happens more often then not. In the case here you had a few players who wanted more playing time, a player who turned pro (tough to blame someone for making money and a living) and another who is on his 4th school in 4 years. The problem that we have today in society is that everyone just wants to blame someone else instead of looking in the mirror and taking some responsibility. I will say from whoevers writings these are its hard to understand some of what is being said because the grammar is so bad but clearly the gist of it is known. I would have a lot more respect for someone expressing their own thoughts if they put their name behind it. However its tough to take anyone serious with that grammar and fake names all the time. I would just say to everyone else on here its fun to read what people think about the basketball team at LIU Brooklyn and I look forward to continuing to read what everyone is thinking. Nelson thanks again (I know I have said it to you 1000 times) but you do a great job with this blog and I look forward to continuing to read it throughout the upcoming season.

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