Early tracking of 2016-17 LIU Brooklyn MBB non-conference schedule

Finally, we have entered the dog days of summer and we are just a few days away from July 1st which is the beginning of 2016-17 NCAA calendar.

For most, this time of the year is about the beaches and pools, amusement parks, summer travel, pretty much doing anything that takes our minds off the cold snap of another winter gone by.

For the rest of us, the tracking of college basketball games for next season really gets going and that includes the summer-long tracking of next season’s LIU Brooklyn men’s basketball schedule.

Right now, all that is publicly known so far is LIU Brooklyn will face St. John’s at the Barclays Center on Sunday, December 11th as part of the Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival doubleheader along with Kentucky vs. Hofstra which was announced in early May.

Graphic courtesy of barclayscenter.com

Graphic courtesy of barclayscenter.com

Last season was the first season in which LIU didn’t participate in one of the Brooklyn Hoops events at Barclays Center since the arena opened in 2012. This game will likely be considered a home game for LIU and as such will be designated as the home team.

Also last week, we learned via the University of Incarnate Word’s release of their 2016-17 men’s basketball non-conference schedule, LIU will play UIW on the road on Saturday, December 3rd in a return game of a home-and-home series started last season in which the two schools met for the first time ever.

With a trip to Texas now assured, I would guess LIU will possibly play a pair of games in the Lone Star state or play a game in one of the neighboring states either before or after the Incarnate Word game.

Yet, there is also a few other back end of home-and-home agreements that more than likely be completed this upcoming season.

Among them are possible return trips to Brooklyn by Loyola (Md.), Dartmouth and Niagara, all teams LIU played on the road last season. Some road return trips for LIU could possibly include visits to UMass Lowell, and North Carolina Central, who were both part of LIU’s non-conference home schedule last season. If this is all indeed the case, that means they already have seven non-conference games locked up.

Another thing we don’t know yet is if LIU will participate in a multi-team exempt (MTE) event next season. LIU did not participate in one last season but had played in one in each of their previous four seasons before that. My guess is that they will look to get involved in one next season which would consume four games of their non-conference schedule.

Another thing to look at is who else besides St. John’s will LIU play at Barclays next season? LIU could have one or two more games lined up for home away from home on Flatbush and Atlantic Aves. If LIU can bring in a Power 5 (likely a pipe dream), Atlantic 10 or another Big East opponent (much more possible) to play them there, there are really going to have something cooking in terms of non-conference strength of schedule. They could also end up playing one of their return games or starting a home-and-home series against another mid-major team there as well if they can’t get a more attractive option.

Also, I would expect to see a few more local teams on the schedule in addition to St. John’s. Between Columbia, St. Peter’s and NJIT, it seems due for at least one of these teams to reappear on LIU’s schedule although obviously there is no certainty that will be the case.

With just two games tracked so far, we are a long ways away from getting a full picture of what the actual schedule will look like when it is released in either late summer or early fall. Yet, I will have our eyes on it here in our 2016-17 LIU Brooklyn schedule tracker and I will continue updating it all summer long as dates and opponents are released. Also, I will keeping tabs on the 2016-17 LIU Brooklyn women’s basketball schedule as well on that same page.


  1. Michael Hernandez says:

    Hello Nelson,
    Welcome back! That June 21 twitter feed of your little muffin waking up smiling and quickly falling back to sleep is a classic.
    I always look with great anticipation of your incremental disclosure of LIU’s MBB and WBB schedule. I don’t understand why it takes the Athletic Department so long to release the OOC schedules, unless they don’t want to take the glow and anticipation from the fall sports programs. Or maybe, they’re not done.
    I laud Coaches Perri, Oliver and the Athletic Department in their judicious approach to scheduling. Although Coach Oliver lost her head a little bit–at Ohio State. Really?? A guarantee game it is, but at what expense. Ohio State is Ohio State, attracting great athletes who will to “hammer” OOC opponents early in the season to show how good they are. LIU WBB is a young team, bring them up slowly.
    Let our BB coaches schedule smart with competitive teams that are like us. If they’re into RPI scheduling, play schools that are very close to us in RPI standing. It’s a great barometer on how we’ll do in the NEC. For both programs, that’s what counts.
    Look forward to your articles on the oncoming season.
    Be well,
    Michael Hernandez

    • I appreciate the kind words. Just for an FYI, the baby in that tweet was NOT my daughter. It was a random GIF of an Asian baby. LOL

      As far as the schedules go, there are several reasons for why they usually wait to later in the summer or into the fall to release the basketball schedules. I think you did point out one reason, I believe they want to release the fall sports schedules out first before releasing the basketball schedules which is a winter sport.

      Another reason, their schedules may not be completely done yet. They might still looking for one or two more games or waiting on contracts to be signed, sealed and delivered. Right now, so far they are just 30-so teams out of 351 teams who have released at least a non-conference schedule, so it still very much in the early phase of schedule releases.

      The Ohio State game for the WBB team is what it is, a “buy” or “guarantee” game. They’ll exchange the loss for the cash. The game offers a nice paycheck for the athletic department and a chance for the team to get some exposure against a Big Ten school. Also offers a chance for them to play against a high-caliber team in which in the long-run will make them better even if the result at the time don’t show it. You’re right, they’ll be young next season. I actually don’t see it as a bad thing at all.

      I see Perri this season trying to schedule up a bit this season with an pretty experienced team coming back next season. It’ll interesting to see how their schedule rounds out. Coach Oliver is in different phase with a rather young team so I could see the overall schedule dialed back a bit in terms of strength of schedule next season but they’ll sprinkle in a couple of tough games as well.

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