LIU Brooklyn men’s basketball officially finalize roster

LIU Athletics last week officially finalized their 2015-16 men’s basketball roster with the inclusion of freshman walk-ons Malcolm McMullen and Raiquan Clark.

The inclusion of the two walk-ons put the official final number of players on the roster to sixteen, 13 scholarship players and three walk-ons. The sixteen players on the LIU roster is a high for the program in the Jack Perri head coaching era. In fact, I can’t remember the last time LIU had sixteen players on their current roster.

With the roster for this upcoming season now finalized, here are your 2015-16 LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds:

#3 Iverson Fleming – 6’1″ Guard – Junior – 3rd season
#23 Glenn Feidanga – 6’8″ Forward – Junior – 3rd season
#11 Joel Hernandez – 6’3″ Guard – Junior – 3rd season
#20 Aakim Saintil – 6’0″ Guard – Junior – 1st season
#33 Jerome Frink – 6’7″ Forward – Redshirt Junior – 1st season
#13 Nura Zanna – 6’7″ Forward – Redshirt Sophomore – 2nd season
#15 Martin Hermannsson – 6’3″ Guard – Sophomore – 2nd season
#2 Trevon Woods – 6’6″ Guard/Forward – Sophomore – 2nd season
#4 Trevin Woods – 6’6″ Guard/Forward – Sophomore – 2nd season
#14 Mark Parisi – 5’11” Guard – Sophomore – 2nd season (walk-on)
#0 Kwe Askew – 6’7″ Forward – Freshman – 1st season
#22 Raul Frias – 6’1″ Guard – Freshman – 1st season
#44 Ganlandou Cisse – 6’9″ Forward/Center – Freshman – 1st season
#53 Julius van Sauers – 6’8″ Guard/Forward – Freshman – 1st season
#12 Mitchell McMullen – 5’8″ Guard – Freshman – 1st season (walk-on)
#24 Raiquan Clark – 6’4″ Guard/Forward – Freshman – 1st season (walk-on)

Now here is what I believe is the potential depth chart at all five positions for the Blackbirds heading into this season:

1 – Point Guard
Aakim Saintil
Iverson Fleming
Mitchell McMullen
Mark Parisi

2 – Shooting Guard
Martin Hermannsson (returning starter)
Joel Hernandez
Raul Frias

3 – Wing
Trevin Woods
Trevon Woods
Raiquan Clark

4 – Small Forward
Jerome Frink
Julius van Sauers
Kwe Askew

5 – Power Forward/Center
Nura Zanna (returning starter)
Glenn Feidanga
Ganlandou Cisse

This is just how I think the early depth chart is going to look like. Obviously, things could change a whole lot between now the start of the season in mid-November. Also, some players will be asked to play multiple positions like 4 and 5 or 3 and 4 or 1 and 2. I’m just keeping it simple for now placing each player at just one position.

The depth of this season’s team could be the deepest we have seen in an LIU team since the 2010-11 season which was the first of the three-straight NEC championship teams from 2011 to 2013. That season, not a single player played above 27 minutes per game. I’m going to safely say this team will be even deeper than that team was if everyone remains healthy of course. I could see this team going at least ten deep and don’t be shocked if they go 12 or 13 guys deep early on in the season. The battle for playing time this season is going to be all-season long affair I believe. It is going to be fun to watch.

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