Early thoughts on possibilities for LIU Brooklyn’s 2015-16 non-conference schedule

My next peek looking into LIU Brooklyn 2015-16 season is taking an early glance at what to expect from the Blackbirds non-conference schedule. Right now, there isn’t a whole lot to it.

LIU completed three home-and-home series this past season with games against Temple, Lehigh and NJIT. Plus, LIU played in the preseason NIT and in the Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival this past season which accounted for four of their eleven non-conference games. They also took on a one-season home-and-home series with New Hampshire.

So what is in LIU Brooklyn’s future non-conference schedule for next season? That is a good question. At the present time, there really isn’t too much information out there to know.

What we do know? Well, LIU Brooklyn has two home-and-home return games to complete next season. Those are a home game versus Maine and road game versus Florida International. I originally thought the Hofstra would also be a return game but that game they played at Barclays Center this past season was a one-time game so there is no return trip for LIU to Hofstra next season.

LIU will likely once again look to play in an early season tournament which should account for three to four non-conference games. The Blackbirds have played in an early season tournament in each of the last four seasons.

Another thing you can expect to see in LIU Brooklyn’s non-conference schedule next season is the Blackbirds playing at least a few of local tri-state area teams on there. Last season, LIU played four local teams in St. John’s, Stony Brook, NJIT and Hofstra. In looking back at the last fifteen years of LIU’s non-conference schedules, they have played between three and six local teams in non-conference play every season. Next season won’t likely be any exception.

Also, we could like see teams from the America East and/or the MAAC conferences on their non-conference schedule. Last season, LIU played four games against America East opponents. In the two seasons prior to last season, LIU combined to play three games against MAAC competition.

The two teams that seems to almost always pop up on LIU’s non-conference schedule is Saint Peter’s and NJIT. Last season ended a run of nine-straight seasons in which LIU and Saint Peter’s met. NJIT have appeared on LIU’s schedule in three of the last four of the last five seasons. With NJIT making a run all the way to the CIT semifinals this season, it will be interesting to see if NJIT returns to LIU schedule next season. My thinking is that you likely will not unless it is an LIU home game.

Another team that may appear on LIU’s schedule is Norfolk State although there is no guarantee of that game happening. If it does, it will likely be a road game for the Blackbirds.

As far as teams I would like to see on LIU’s schedule next season but likely are very far fetched. I would love to see LIU take on a team from the ACC, Big Ten or the Big East.  LIU has taken one at least one team from one of these three conference in two of the last three seasons. LIU has faced at least one power five conference team in four of the past five season with last season being the exception. I personally would love to see a game against either Rutgers (Big Ten), Syracuse (ACC), Michigan (Big Ten), or Kansas (Big 12).

As I do every offseason, I’ll be monitoring Twitter for any LIU Brooklyn scheduling updates and will keep track of LIU’s 2015-16 opponents and game dates in a new LIU Schedule Tracker page which will be up later this spring.


  1. Mike Hernandez says:

    Nelson and Dan,
    Playing OOC games are like scrimmages only they count on your record and the almighty RPI. Coaches are trying to evaluate the team’s chemistry and develop a rotation. Players are coming back from injury, academic or personal absence. November and most games in December games are a wash. To me, they’re unimportant warm up games. What is important are the games after January. To have the team prepared for grind of the home and home league games–Thursday and Saturday for the men, with some exceptions, and the final days of February and the early days of March. To do this, you schedule OOC games with good teams that are like you, from conferences like yours. Make sure they come to your place if you go to theirs. You do good in your conference, get to the dance, people will notice. Your season’s a success. You grow and mature from there.
    Be well,
    Mike Hernandez

  2. Dan From Staten Island says:

    Don’t know how LIU Brooklyn is fixed for financially supporting its athletic program. However a lot of schools at the level suggested would have their own hard time maintaining their programs without scheduling some of those Guarantee Games. And who knows — you may pull an upset or score a near-miss occasionally. improving your RPI and making your program more visible and more attractive for future recruiting.

  3. Mike Hernandez says:

    Hi Nelson,
    Thanks for the two latest articles–on the latest recruits and on future MBB schedules. Great as usual.
    LIU Brooklyn should concentrate on scheduling MAAC, America East, MEAC schools and similar schools in conferences across the south and southwest, in no particular order. Schools with athletic department size and budgets similar to our own. Schools that are like us. Games should scheduled be with home and home agreements. You want to give your kids the experience of seeing other parts of the country by doing some traveling, schedule schools similar to our own in other parts of the country. There are plenty out there.
    Guarantee games and RPI scheduling with bigger schools is not in our best interest. Guaranteed money is a guaranteed loss. To me, there are no good loses. Columbia played Kentucky tough last season–who lost?? Who remembers loses?? Who wants to remember loses?? We played Indiana tough a couple of seasons ago–who lost?? You want to prove your mettle against the big guns, go to “the dance” and show’em how good you are.
    No matter how we do in our OOC schedule, we’re in a one bid conference and to go “dancing” we have to win the conference tournament. You have to beat schools like you to get to the big guys.
    Be well,
    Mike Hernandez

  4. Dan From Staten Island says:

    Really looking forward to all of the local schools’ non-conference schedules. Some of these David v Goliath match-ups turn out to be previews of what could possibly evolve in the post-season. Although St. Francis Brooklyn has taken it on the chin in some of these early-season contests against much higher rated foes over the last couple of years, the occasional nail-biter makes the non-conference portion of the schedule all that much sweeter. In recent seasons, the Terriers have been solidly thumped in road losses to Georgetown (-21), Dayton (-20), St. John’s (-17) and Illinois (-25), while upsetting host Miami (FL) (+4) and being nosed out by Syracuse at the Carrier Dome (-6), by Rutgers in New Brunswick (-3), and by Boston College in Beantown (-8). On paper, no contest. On the court, who knows? Got to love college basketball!

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