LIU Brooklyn 82 Wagner 87


LIU Brooklyn once again was in a close one but couldn’t pull it out at Spiro Sports Center on Saturday night. (Photo: Bob Dea)


Momentum can be fickle at times. Once a team has it, they ride it and once a team losses it, it’s not easy to get it back. In a way, that was what happened to LIU Brooklyn Saturday night up on Grymes Hill in Staten Island in falling to the Wagner Seahawks by the score of 87-82.

Two momentum swinging plays were thanks to questionable calls by an officiating crew that likely have had better games than this one.

The first was right before the half as the officials called a foul on Elvar Friðriksson as Aaren Edmead was attempting a buzzer-beating three before the half. Edmead sunk all three free throws and took what would have been an eight-point LIU halftime lead and shrunk it to a much more manageable five-point lead at the break.

Wagner rode that momentum through the start of the second half and it led to an 11-2 run for the Seahawks to give them their first lead of the half. Perri didn’t make excuses though for Wagner’s momentum swing.

Nura Zanna was an unstoppable force in the second half with fifteen second half points. (Photo: Bob Dea)

Nura Zanna was an unstoppable force in the second half with fifteen second half points. (Photo: Bob Dea)

“We didn’t finish. Elvar has got to be smarter than that to even put himself in that position.” said Perri. “Beginning of the second half, we came out flat. Zanna hadn’t played at all (in the first half) and he was a little flat. Once he got going, they couldn’t stop him.”

The next momentum changing play or plays came when Nura Zanna got called for his fourth and fifth foul which took him out of the game. The calls came right as Zanna got hot and became a near unstoppable force inside for LIU Brooklyn. He hit five straight field goal attempts and was five of six from the charity stripe to keep LIU close before he helped push their lead up to seven with 5:28 to go.

Zanna’s fourth foul was an offensive foul call as Zanna was getting the ball and it looked like a Wagner flop as the Wagner player immediately went to the ground. Then the fifth foul was another offensive foul that was very ticky-tacky. With Zanna out of their hair, Wagner finished the game on a 11-7 run.

Credit also has to go to Wagner defense at the end of the game. LIU had a chance to tie the game with the shot clock off the Wagner up one after a huge Landon Atterberry block on Marcus Burton. Wagner’s Jo Jo Cooper forced a turned the ball over on a pass by Martin Hermannsson. Wagner’s Romone Saunders hit two free throws to put LIU down three. Wagner’s defense once again came up strong giving Gerrell Martin a tough look at a three and then Landon Atterberry threw up a prayer that was well wide.

Wagners Marcus Burton had another great game with 18 points including 16 second-half points Photo: Bob Dea)

Wagners Marcus Burton had another great game with 18 points including 16 second-half points (Photo: Bob Dea)

LIU has to point at their second half defense which allowed Wagner to shoot nearly 61% (17-28 FGs). Once again, turnovers was a problem for the Blackbirds as they committed 18 of those which led to 23 points for Wagner.

“We didn’t defend well enough in the second half.” said Perri. “In our close losses, we’ve had one really good half defensively and one really poor half. We can’t say anything about the offense today. It was a matter of not getting stops.”

Marcus Burton who LIU held to just two points at the half, scored 16 points in the second half and finished with a team-high 18 points. Also, 6’10” Nolan Long gave Wagner a great lift in the second half with nine points and four rebounds and finished with 11 points. Freshman Romone Saunders finished with 17 points to help Wagner get just their fourth win of the season and go to 2-2 in the NEC.

LIU got a team-high 18 points from Joel Hernandez who was a perfect 7 for 7 shooting in the first half and finished 8 for 11. Nura Zanna finished 17 points on a perfect 6 for 6 in the game. Both point totals were new career-highs for each.

“I think that what he is in this league.” said Perri of Zanna. “I saw the frustration on the first two fouls early on. I was glad to see he was able to make his free throws, doing a good job that way. He was a chance to be a really, really good player. I’ll love to see him on the court more.

“(Hernandez) was great. He rebounded on the offensive end and had some nice plays.” said Perri of Hernandez. “We knew this was a game he can certainly take advantage of. They really extend defensively and he’s got that ability to penetrate which he showed he can do.”

Joel Hernandez continued his excellent play of late with 18 points. (Photo: Bob Dea)

Joel Hernandez continued his excellent play of late with 18 points. (Photo: Bob Dea)

Martin Hermannson scored 14 on eight shots with four assists. Gerrell Martin scored ten on 2 of 7 shooting. He was 0 for 3 from three. Landon Atterberry who returned to LIU lineup but did not start after missing the last game due to a one-game team suspension, had six points and seven rebounds.

LIU wasted their second-best offensive game of the season. They scored 1.14 points per possession in 72 possessions. Only the Maine game was better when they put up 1.18 points per possession. Defense was their downfall. They gave up 1.14 points per possession to Wagner in 76 possessions.

“This was disappointing because this was a very winnable game which they are all going to be. We just to find a way down the stretch even. We had chances to win that game and we just didn’t get enough stops.”

So the grueling rapid fire, four conference games in eight games end with LIU with a 1-3 record and LIU tied with Sacred Heart for eighth place in the standings. There is still a lot of season left to play and LIU was in every single game this week but only have one win to show for it.

LIU will have a few days now to prepare for Central Connecticut on Thursday. Even with CCSU at 0-3, no games this season are gimmies. LIU is going to have get their turnovers and defensives issues fixed as they continue on into the season.


  1. First off, the name calling ends now. Whether you agree or disagree with something, I’m not going to tolerate calling each other names. That goes for everyone.

    Second, as a miserable Jets fan I can appreciate Mr. Chow’s use of Herman Edwards’ “you play to win the game” saying.

    Now, of course you try and go out and win every game, that wasn’t my point. My point was division one hoops don’t work like the pros. There are reasons why people use the terms power conferences, high mid-majors and low mid-majors for teams. LIU is a low mid-major. LIU’s win probability in those games are in the single digits and that goes for nearly all low-major teams when they face top-100 schools.

    Since you know so much about this program, then you know Jack Perri was an assistant for previous head coach Jim Ferry for 7 years. He was his top assistant coach for the last 5 of those years. When Ferry left to coach at Duquesne, Perri was immediately promoted to head coach by the longtime athletic director John Suarez with who just recently left with the obvious support and endorsement of the university. He wasn’t handed anything. He earned his opportunity. There is an interim athletic director in place who may or may not get the permanent job but he definite answers to superiors at the university. Also, if Perri couldn’t coach, they wouldn’t have won 20 games his first season and won a championship and that was his best player out for the majority of the season. Perri is a good coach, you just don’t like his rotation because you’re bias to certain players.

    You are obviously bias if you can’t see these Iceland guards are good players. You just don’t like them for some reason although it is becoming quite apparent. Guards make turnovers, guards don’t make every single shot. These guys also have made plenty of plays. I see this team pull for one another on the court too. Like I said yesterday and I will continue to say. I like the makeup of this team. I can see this team being a constant winner in the future. What team likes to lose, none. This team hates losing too. The coach doesn’t like losing either but he understands it is a process. Is the coach perfect? Of course not. Are the players perfect? Of course not. This team is working it out. There are still 14 more games left in the season. They are not the best team in the conference this season but they will get their shares of wins.

    Like I also said earlier, I have BEEN to 12 of the 15 games this season. I have SEEN EVERY GAME this season so to insinuate I don’t know what I’m talking or haven’t seen the games IS rather insulting considering you putting it out on the same blog I write.

    All this back and forth after a 1-3 NEC start has been so over the top with the 15th-youngest team out of 351 teams. Binghamton is the youngest team in the country, they JUST got their FIRST win against a division one team, they are 2-16! Central Arkansas, the 2nd-youngest team, are 0-15! In fact, no mid-major team with equal or less experience than LIU has a winning record.

    Can we finally put all this to rest for now.

    • @Nelson you have yet to answer directly any of my questions but I will pose a couple more just to put it out there.

      How is this such a young team with really only three freshman, the woods twins and Jamil Hood?
      The iceland guards played professional ball and Nura Zanna was here last year. How are they really freshman?
      How did the iceland guards even get to play collegiate ball after playing on the professional level in iceland?

      Also everyone keeps talking about bias but it sounds like you guys are biased towards Perri and his program instead of calling a spade a spade. This is not about minutes for particular players, majority of what I’ve said and what I hear from Mr. Chow is putting the best team on the floor to win the most games. You keep saying they are only 4 games into the season but in actuality if they loose 7 more games that is probably the end of the season. You don’t panic and course correct when the ship is sinking, you panic when you see the iceberg.

      If the winning recipe included limited minutes for my brothers (the twins) and the team was getting the job done then so be it. Thats cool. The current rotation is not getting it done and a ton of talent is on the bench. Period!

      One last thought. You yourself said on this blog that the woods twins were recruited as 6’6″ guards (even though that is not what you said in these comments) and were recruited heavily by “Major” programs in the Big 12 and other major conferences. (Here is the link: If that is the case why would two kids decide to go to a little unknown school in a small conference as the NEC if they were not told they would be playing together and be significant contributors right away? If they had an idea that they could be sitting on the bench as freshman they could have gone and done that on a top ranked team under various hall of fame coaches elsewhere across the country that were highly recruiting them. Think about it. Clearly something is not adding up. Perri’s “great recruiting” consist of telling parents and recruits one thing, selling them a dream, and then changing his stance later. I can’t respect a man that does that. I was raised to be a man of your word and do what you say you were going to do. Its wrong on so many levels that this happens across the country. That may actually be why the transfer rate is so high.

      • Let me ask you a question. Did Nura Zanna play one minute of college basketball last year? Did Elvar Fridriksson or Martin Hermannsson play one minute of college basketball last year?

        The answer to your question, my friend, is no. Therefore, they are freshmen. They played in a professional league in Iceland – they were not professional players. Watch one of their games on YouTube (they’re available) – the game is played a little bit differently at the college level. Which ALL of the freshmen are adjusting to, even the Iceland kids (who are taking abuse on this forum for absolutely NO reason whatsover.). And even your brothers, despite your thinking they can do no wrong.

        As to your points about your brothers – you are OBVIOUSLY biased. Your name proves it. And I don’t blame a parent or a sibling for wanting their brothers to play more than they do. It’s the nature of being a family member.

        But what on earth gives you the right to be so absolute in your thinking that your brothers should absolutely be playing 30 minutes a game? Have you won one game as a basketball coach at any level? Have you ever coached basketball? Have you ever recruited a player?

        Also, in regards to recruiting – Do you have any background in advising student-athletes in terms of recruitment to college? Do you know that college basketball coaches send letters to 1,000’s of kids? And make many more phone calls and write many more e-mails to more kids? Did you know that unless you’re offered an official visit to a school, a school probably isn’t all that serious about recruiting you? Or is using you as a backup plan? Did you also know that even if you are offered an official visit to a school, if that school has not officially offered you a scholarship in written form that the offer does not exist in real life?

        There’s a lot of fantasy land in the recruiting world these days. There are numerous websites that hype these kids up to levels that they aren’t truly good enough to play at. For the number of kids that transfer, how many do you think transfer from bigger schools (Big 12 and other major conferences) to smaller schools? How does that compare to the number of kids that transfer from smaller schools to bigger schools? My guess is there aren’t a whole lot of players that transfer from smaller schools to bigger schools, unless they prove it on the court.

        And honestly, do you HONESTLY think that if a player can average 15 points a game – which virtually zero freshmen do – and is good enough to play at a higher level, then Jack Perri is going to keep him on the bench? Really? If you really think he’s going to keep impact players on the bench that can do all the things asked of them on a consistent basis and help the team win then I’m not really sure what to tell you. Clearly he wants to lose his job and be fired, because that’s the logical thing to do.

        I hope for the sake of hope that cooler heads prevail on this forum. It really is a shame that there is so much trash talk by some people about a program that everyone should want to succeed, less than halfway through the year. I don’t know what was said in the recruitment of your brothers and I’m not sure what was said to you personally, but as of Dec. 1, 2014 according to this article they certainly didn’t seem unhappy or malcontent:

        And honestly I hope everyone plays well and they start winning some games – which I think they will.

      • As fans we second guess coaches and their decisions… and that is part of being a fan, but the reality is that we don’t know the whole picture..

        There are foreign players on teams throughout the country and I’m sure many of them have played in “professional” leagues. All that matters is that they are eligible to play under the current rules. It is fair to argue that some players deserve more playing time after they have earned that on the court. Beyond that we must trust the decisions made by the coaching staff who are there for practices and can judge talent, conditioning, understanding the system, playing within the system, and overall attitude..

        The point being that everyone wants one thing at that is a successful basketball team..Mr. Woods like all of us just needs to be patient, and if his assessment is correct the twins will flourish… as cream always rises to the top.

      • This will be my final reply to this comment thread as I would like to start focusing on stuff that matter which is the actual games on the court this weekend.

        I don’t recall myself ignoring any of your questions. But since you have a couple more, I’ll gladly answer. First, this IS a young team because of the amount of division one experience this team has combined, which under a year total.

        Second, there ARE six freshmen. Yes, the Iceland guys played in a league in Iceland but they were both considered amateurs. If they were professional they wouldn’t be eligible to play here obviously. This is a different level of basketball for them and like a freshman, it has been a transition just like it has been for the guys coming from high school. Also, Zanna eligibility-wise is a redshirt freshman. He didn’t play at all last season. He had two wrist surgeries. He basically didn’t play again until this past summer. This is his first season playing college ball which is what a freshman is.

        Ok, you got me I called them forwards. Most 6’6″ player in this NEC are forwards but ok, I apologize since it bothers you. Like I also said, I like the potential of ALL the freshmen including the twins. But like all freshmen, they are all up and down including the Iceland guys, Zanna, the twins and Hood. That how it usually goes, I don’t think that is a huge surprise.

        At the end of day, I hope everyone finds success and happiness. If not from playing at LIU, then whenever their next stop may be. Good night and be well.

      • @Nelson you can cut out the whole sick and tired routine. Not sure what kind of blog you are running but you should encourage tons of comments on your post and back and forth discussion. Its healthy for your blog. Thats how it works. It shouldn’t be a one way street where your views are completely accepted, It seems you want everyone to agree with your stance and if not it is a waste of your time. 🙂 So this will be the last time I comment on this little blog since its such a waste of your time.

        I didn’t point out the fact that you called my brothers forwards instead of guards to show you in error. My point was if they are guards why are they being played like forwards? Just because of their size? Playing anyone out of their natural position would make them unsuccessful wouldn’t it? I’m trying to point things out to you but it doesn’t seem like we are connecting. This was to counter an earlier point you made about them being brought along and I asked you how were they being brought along and you didn’t respond. I’m actually trying to have a conversation with you and challenge some of your statements. Which should be ok.

        Finally, this is NOT a young team simply because they have an NCAA classification as red-shirt freshman or freshman coming in from a professional league. If you have experience playing against PROs whether you are “classified” as a PRO or not gives you more experience than an actual freshman coming out of high school so you all can quit with the “young team” excuses you guys continue to give them. You sound like your buddy “NEC Fan”. Nura Zanna might not have played one minute last year but he gained some experience being around the program and in practice. He should have learned some things. Like maybe the system. Opposing teams defenses, etc. So the core 5 playing right now are not all “True” freshman and do have a decent amount of experience playing basketball. Whether it be D1 or “Iceland ball”. I’m sure “Iceland Amateur Ball” is a higher level than high school ball.

        Nura Zanna – 1 year of knowledge
        Gerrell Martin – 4th year senior
        Joel Hernandez – 2nd year sophomores
        HERMANNSSON – played in a pro league
        FRIDRIKSSON – played in a pro league

        There is a total of 7 combined years of some experience on the starting 5 for this team. The ones coming off the bench are all upperclassmen except Trevin and Jamill.

        Chris Carter – 4th year senior
        Atterberry – 4th year senior
        Fleming – 2nd year sophomore
        Trevin – 1st year freshman

        So I don’t consider that core rotation to be that young. There is 3 seniors, 3 sophomores (1 classified as red-shirt freshman), and 2 PRO/Amateur players.

        I have yet to say one biased word like, “give”, “deserve”, etc. I’m simply saying the current rotation is not getting it done so a change should be considered and you guys keep taking the conversation elsewhere instead of presenting any valid counter argument of why the current starting five can work and be successful. I guess non of us will know until the season is over right, so lets just all wait and see what happens :).

        We all want to see LIU do well otherwise we wouldn’t have such strong opinions about what needs to be done.

    • “NEC Fan” use your real name then you can be given a full response. Get a clue and please read the comment before you reply. You obviously didn’t read my comment cause NO ONE IS ASKING FOR 30 MINUTES OF PLAYING TIME! smh…

      This part is especially great: “They played in a professional league in Iceland – they were not professional players.” Seriously?? smh

  2. I go to LIU and I’m
    By far no sports analyst buuut, I usually watch, from the 4th floor if I’m lucky enough to catch them, when the men’s basketball team practices. The twin that wears 33 I think that’s the one named Trevon constantly and I do emphasize CONSTANTLY destroys his teammates in practice. I’m never disappointed when I watch. He puts together literally 6 or more back to back to back buckets and his teammates who gaurd him are completely lost hahah whether they be pull-ups, threes, or some crazy move that gets him all the way to the basket… Majority I think are threes tho. Anyway I can never seem to get my work done when he has the ball lol by far the most exciting and entertaining player on the team. I stopped going to the games because I’m honestly only interested in watching him do more crazy stuff haha #GoBlackBirds #FreeTrevon <<<<—– and that kid Jamil hood can jump.. Jesus..

    • Glad it’s just not old guys on here. Student, you do work on the 4th floor looking through glass doors during the winter break with no classes in session? If not then you haven’t been to a practice in nearly a month. Lot can happen in three weeks

      • rAYMOND cHOW sPORTS says:

        O you sound like Coach Bridge or one of the coaching staff members keep going down with this ship If what this student is saying is true mayb the kid should get some minutes and maybe youll win more games but if your like stubborn coach perri whats the sense of talking to you start looking for a new gig because never scene loser rewarded over and over who will want to come there ?

    • rAYMOND cHOW sPORTS says:

      Who ever this student is one thing is for sure he can see clearly whats going on with this coach this team as well as the marketing and promotion push for the Iceland guards makes me think that Mr Woods’s maybe correct . Did Coach Perri make promises and now he is not keeping his WORD ? WOW two 6’7 twins that plays the 2 & the 3 spot in the NEC wonder what school can match up with that ? Makes me sad too see wasted talent and their not winning, maybe a change needs too come sooner than later !!!

  3. Mr Chow, 7.6 assist 5.2 turnovers. Now not being at practice but being a HS coach I can tell you that they seem to switch 1-4. If that’s the case, you can’t use the other teams leading scorers bc they are guards. Some of those baskets occurred on forwards.
    Mr Woods I respect your opinion, although as a HS coach I wholeheartedly disagree. Without being present it’s hard to say anyone should being playing over anyone

    • rAYMOND cHOW sPORTS says:

      Well HS Coach did u do the math and this aint no 1 4 switch most of the pts are straight up you got beat and guard play is guard play period !!!! Stop making excuses for this coach He lost the st Johns game got ran out the gym by Hofstra , loss to Wagner 2nd to last place team loss to Temple with no Big’s , on and on and most of it was matchups and coaching PERIOD. Now I one am at most practices and i am at the games so i know what im talking about PERIOD !!!!!
      bUT YOU KNOW WHAT WE WILL SEE !! Coach Perri is like Rex Ryan got a veteran team lead them to the title game broke it up and saw his real coaching abilities he cant Head Coach he can Be a great assistant and that coming from the indiana Pcer scout at the garden on Thanksgiving

      • Mr Chow
        St Johns- top 25 team
        Temple- beat #1 Kansas by 25
        Wagner I’ll give that one to you, they could’ve won that game on the road.
        Now as for being at practice, I can’t say if you are or are not. I can’t imagine there are too many spectators to every practice besides the 20 people.

      • rAYMOND cHOW sPORTS says:

        Division 1 is Division 1 should have won the st johns game could have upset-ed Temple STOP with the Excuses . YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME , WHY PUT THEM ON THE SCHEDULE IF YOU CANT COMPETE MAKE LIU A DIV 2 SCHOOL .But NO you want the spotlight but cant handle the criticism it comes with the big time St Johns gets it Seaton hall gets it UConn got it Manhattan gets it NOw since you want to play in the BIG TIME its your turn So EITH THAT BEING SAID YOUR FRESHMAN GUARDS NEED TO PLAY BETTER BECAUSE AS I LAST LOOKED YOU HAVE A LOSING RECORDS AND IF YOU DIDNT TURN THE BALL OVER YOU MAY HAVE WON SOME CLOSE GAMES . OH BUT THIS IS A YOUNG TEAM BUT THATS NOT TRUE YOU HAVE SENIOR LEADERSHIP AND SOPHOMORES WITH SOME EXPERIENCE QUIT THE EXCUSES AND WIN GAMES DO THAT AND ILL HAVE NOTHING TOO SAY !!! BUT AS OF NOW DEAL WITH IT

      • Coach Perri is not in any danger, nor should he be. Also, this is not the NFL or the NBA here. Division 1 doesn’t play at an equal playing field. There are bigger programs who have a ton of money, who have a ton of alumni, and recruit players who are at a much higher level. To say division one is division one, makes no sense. LIU like about 75% of division one teams have to play guarantee games that gets back a specific amount of money to help fund the school’s athletic programs. Schools just don’t volunteer to go to Big Ten or ACC schools to get their doors blown off. Comparing LIU to two Big East schools and a national champion doesn’t equate.

        Also, to infer they didn’t compete in non-conference this season is just flat out wrong. They competed hard versus St. John’s, Saint Joseph’s, Temple and the likes. Those teams are just better. It is fact. Even if LIU had a team full of seniors, those games would be a challenge to win no less a team mostly filled with underclassmen who are undersized.

        This team is young. There are three seniors, only one has played in division one more than a year. The one junior who can play this season hasn’t due to injury. The three sophomores after biding their time as freshmen are part of the rotation now and are beginning to flourish. Then you have six freshmen. This is up and coming team. It is not a win now team. That will likely come starting next season as long as everyone stays on the same page.

        You discrediting these coaches like they don’t know what they are doing because they have a losing record and the players you are pushing to get on the court aren’t getting the playing time you would like them to get at the moment.

        Yet, just today, another website who knows this league inside and out, just put two of the three freshman starters on their All-NEC Rookie Team at the mid-season point including the point guard you want to see go to the bench.

        I honestly believe every player on this team this season has earned the minutes they have gotten so far. Minutes are earned and if a player practices well and plays well, they earn their minutes. I like the direction this team is headed regardless of their current record. They have played hard in every game and competed in most. Programs are built and Perri is doing it right in my opinion. Perri help build this program to a championship level program. I watched LIU basketball for nearly 20 years. I know what terrible, non-competitive teams look like. This ain’t it. Any team who plays this many underclassmen is going to take their lumps. They are learning what it takes to win at this level. But at the same time, they are learning to become a better team. Division 1 basketball isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately, not every player can cut it at this level. So far, I think every player on LIU this season can cut it. There is no problem with the coaching. This coaching staff has won championships in the NEC so to say they can’t coach makes zero sense. Three recent NEC championships with three trips to the NCAA tournament proves it. This team can get back to that but everyone needs to get on board and just work and when their name is called and they get in the game, make the coaches have to keep you on the court by playing hard and making winning plays on both ends. I think we can both agree on that and if we can’t, well I don’t know what else to tell you. I think supporting the team and the coaches is the way to go. I believe if you’re good enough, you’re time will always come.

      • rAYMOND cHOW sPORTS says:

        @Nelson you sound like a fool , mayb you are If you have consecutive losing seasons in which who wants to come to a loser ? You thats one of the reasons why LIU cant get local talent to come there they have a buzz playing top programs from around the country Indiana last year , St Johns temple this year YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME PERIOD . So word on the street is Coach Perri was handed the job to Coach NO Real Athletic Director present he answers to the President now really where is the accountability at he has no fear he isnt that good of a coach and his record is showing it .Now I hate to be insulting but obviously you wasnt at the games especially St Johns coach got out coached he went small and they a lay up line of dunks like 12 the whole game goto the box score and an abundance of blocks but they should of won it was his coaching he makes alot of mistakes . This team cant Win to much bad blood coach has divided the team recruiting lies and plays favorites on a all balck team with white guards . Dont believe ask coach if he didnt he the crowd react when he pulled Iverson fleming and got yelled at when the iceland guard turn the ball over and dont get replaced .Once you have done and you continue too lose you are making it a grave for yourself Dont believe ill give you a clue look at the record thats all that gets you love or gets you torched and guess what Im torching and want too stop me WIN but you cant they figured your guards out they are limited in their ability so good nite Amen and what ever you reply it comes with Wins and Losses so when they win i will retire until then Hello Smile for u know Im coming

      • Shrimp boy is dumber than his writing suggest. What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever heard, at no point during your random incoherent responses were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought, everyone on this blog is now dumber for having read it, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Glad to see there are people that care about the program enough to comment this much. However – if you are veiledly calling Jack Perri a racist you are absolutely bonkers. I don’t care if you are black, white, purple or green – if you can play basketball, you can play basketball, and if you think for one second any basketball coach anywhere in the world in the year 2015 would make decisions based on race, you are clearly delusional.

        Take a step back from your clearly biased opinion and think about it for a second – do you really think somebody that is in a profession that is based on wins and losses is going to play players because of the color of their skin? Regardless of what they can do on the basketball court? This is absolutely ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourself for insinuating this.

        As for the players themselves and who should play and who shouldn’t – every single one of these players has had good moments and bad moments on the basketball court this season. Even the ones that everyone on here is clamoring to see more of. There have been shots that have hit the side of backboards, passes that have been stolen in the closing moments of games, absolutely abysmal decisions on the fast break and more.

        You know that that means? It means this is a YOUNG TEAM! They are going to make mistakes. There are going to be moments of great play only to be mitigated by some boneheaded ones. They’ll win some games, they’ll lose some games. But in the end, this discussion does nothing to help the program get to where it was two years ago and where it WILL be again – at the top of the Northeast Conference.

        The talent is there for this team to make another extended run of success over the next few years. Jerome Frink is an absolute beast and will add a dimension this team is lacking next year. Add that to the development of ALL the freshmen and sophomores, and we’ll be primed to do some big things next year and the year following. It is your right to think what you want. But the bickering on this forum is absolutely ridiculous and counterproductive to the common TEAM goals. And the focus of everything should be that – the team getting better and continuing to grow – not constant complaining and disgruntled behavior.

      • NEC Fan, I had something I was going to write but I couldn’t have said it better myself. You’re are 100 percent right.

  4. First off, its clear that some people on here are upset about their kids/siblings lack of playing time. I get it, but at the same time none of us are at practice everyday, or ever. If you think Perri is trying to lose games, your dumber than your punctuation indicates. Their is no way that anyone is killing teammates and not playing. 8 t/o’s a game is a fictional number, much like a lot of this fictional information in these post. Again I believe Nelson is the only one of us that has been to a single practice. Lets grow up on this post, its a good website but if you guys are going to become the parents and family members that write letters and pout because nothing was given once the season started. There are 600 plus transfers a year, judging by who’s giving advice i can see why. I could care less who plays, as Blackbird fans I just want to see them get back to the top.

    • Its funny you say lets grow up and your the one name calling people you don’t even know and not using your real name online “O”. No one is pouting over here, just stating facts.

    • rAYMOND cHOW sPORTS says:

      Really i guess you got your facts correct numbers dont lie matter of fact here is the site you can look for yourself : look at ever box score from game 1 the total them up and then divide you get a sum total then look at the opposing guards stats and see what was the avg they give up . If that doesnt help rewind on how they lost games whether it be close or not a loss is a loss Coaching is the issue , substitution is the issue when can u get a groove if a team cant play more than 2 mins together .Who is the goto player to get some points at crunch time ? Ill tell u Nobody , Why does the team look like they play on eggshells especially when they make a turnover or a mistake and look to see if they are coming out ? Why is that Coach Perri Recruits 5 freshman guards two that are semi pro or pro and cant guard a shadow if it was still ? So if you want to chime in have your facts together But My Opinion until I see Different The Iceland Guards are Average nothing special and they are only good for the 1st 6 mins of every game .Lastly and Im not a hater but tell me what east coast college team has won with two European guards and them starting ? WHO & WHERE ? COACH PERRI IS A JOKE

  5. raymond Chow sport says:

    Ok let’s take a look at these losses and you too start making coach jack Perri accountablefor his rrecruitment of these Iceland guards who are avg 8.2 turnovers a game but let the other players on the team turn the ball over he substitutes them instantly but coddles the freshman guards. Let’s also look at the defensive play where opposing guards are avg almost 26pts per game over the last 6 games This coach has put together a flaud basketball team in which he has decided to believe the grass in Iceland is better than america and recruit guard that can’t defend nor run a team for a whole game And are turnover prone.Why are we letting coach Perri off the hook by not questioning why he recruited 5 freshman guards and no big men who does that or is coach Perri all of a sudden Dean Smith I think not !!! I hope there isnt a lot of hopes on a successful season because coaches lies and integrity is coming back to bite him .Be careful of the ties u step on because they will be connected to the foot in ur ass later

    • Are you saying the Iceland kids were bad recruits?! Is that what you’re trying to say? If that is so, I couldn’t disagree more. Elvar Fridriksson was probably their best player in the non-conference schedule. Martin Hermannsson after a slow start is shooting the ball better, he still has pretty of room to improve don’t get wrong. I don’t know where you got your 8.2 turnovers per game numbers from but Fridriksson at one point has a 3:1 assist:turnover margin. He has 4.3 assists and 2.8 turnovers per game this season. Hermannsson has 3.3 assists per game and 2.4 turnovers per game this season. Both are in the top 10 is assists in the NEC. I also don’t get the foreign resentment. Who cares where they come from? As long as they can play. The defense of this season’s team is way better than at any time last season. The numbers prove it.

      As far as Perri not recruiting any big guys, he recruited two 6’6″ forwards in the Woods twins and got a 6’7″ juco transfer along with another 6’7″ forward who transferred in who had to sit out this season who might be the best of the bunch. That is four forwards plus the return of Nura Zanna, that is five forwards added this season. He brought in just three guards this year. Look at the NEC, how many guys 6’8″ and above are there? Few. All NEC coaches have a hard time recruiting major size. It is rare to see a 6’9″, 6’10” who can be an impact in the NEC. Next season with Zanna and this kid Jerome Frink from FIU who everyone is raving about and who I’ve seen practice, the kid is legit, along with a healthy Feidanga, Trevin Woods, Tshibuy and one more pickup this offseason, they could have one of the better front courts in the NEC next season.

      • raymond Chow sport says:

        Don’t know who you are or if you are or have been courtside this year the Iceland guards are good players but should not be the foundation of this team. Number 1 they are slow and can’t guard the man in front of them proof 26pts from opposing guards and they avg 8 turnovers per game .Now sometimes when u see a shiny stone u think its a diamond and it’s not . Elvar is a flaud guard who should be a change of pace guard he is not ready nor use too the physical american game Martin fades down the stretch of games and the physical pounding on switches which effects his shot especially later in the game. Big Men for your information aren’t the twins they are big guards and can play big but were recruited to play the 2 and the 3 position. So if thats what they are why would u bring European guards in if u did that who recruits Jamel Hood Trevin and Trevon Woods the Iceland guards and no big man because Nana is a power forward play center! You want to know who coach jack Perri who is a stubborn sob as well a liar and I gave hinxthe benefit of the doubt but just like the Indiana Pacer scout said at the Garden to me on thanksgiving this coach doesn’t know what he’s doing I didn’t believe him but now it’s obvious Lastly did u know that Trevon Woods kills his teammate’s in practice but can’t get into the game and they need scoring who does that coach Perri don’t believe me research for yourself look at the numbers seechoe coaches and uses his rotations he substitute’s every 2 to 3 mins and they habe NO NO goto player at the end of the game that’s on Perri Period !!!!

      • @Nelson, The woods twins are not forwards. They were recruited as wing players. (Fact)

      • Lavon, first of all thanks for reading and taking the time to write. I can understand a family member not being happy about their brother/son/nephew, whatever may be the case, not playing as much as you would like them to. I get it. I can’t speak of what was or wasn’t said or promised by the coaching staff during visits because I’m not there. I know Perri’s philosophy is to play up-tempo which was the case with the previous head coach. This team having defensively issues is no surprise. This has had defensive woes for years now even when they were winning championships. The thing is believe it or not, the defense IS better this season. Watch a game from last season and see how bad the defense was then. It was nearly non-existent and Perri would even tell anyone that.

        I like both Trevin and Trevon. In fact, I got an opportunity to talk to Trevin for the first time last week and I left very impressed with him and I would believe his brother is equally great to talk to. I think Perri has been doing them a service bringing them along the way he has which I would imagine you would disagree. That is understandable. I’m happy that Trevin has played well of late. I hope for the team’s sake it continues. We are halfway through the season and just four games in on the 18-game conference season, let’s all be patient here and see how the rest of the season goes.

      • @Nelson, It is not about complaining about minutes. If there are better players or more experienced players that get the job done you play whoever can get you wins. Lets just remove the twins from the equation. My point is that something needs to change. The current squad and lineup is not working. I think that is very clear. Why would you need to wait until the season is over to see that?

        You are absolutely right I disagree that Perri and his staff are bringing them along. In what way I ask? They constantly look tentative on the court because they are played out of their natural positions. I had to reach out to Trevin at half time of the Sacred Heart game to tell him to adjust his shot and he comes out and hit 3 threes in a row. Why is the coaching staff not doing that on the sidelines? Why is Perri taking out Trevon after one mistake and maybe 60 seconds on the court. How does any player get a rhythm? Thats not how you coach or bring players along. I think that is the problem. Perri must think he is doing someone a service but in actuality it is quite the opposite. You learn through making mistakes in the trenches, but thats my opinion.

  6. I think Perri has done an outstanding job recruiting the past couple of years…my criticism of him would be in his player rotations .. For example in the Game against SHU where Atterberry was suspended, Trevin Woods stepped up and had a terrific game…In fact coach Perri called him the most valuable player of the game in the post game interview. However against Wagner he got 9 minutes of playing time..his length and defense along with his rebounding cannot be ignored..He also did not get significant time before the SHU game..

    In Perri’s defense IMO if Feidenga would have been healthy LIU, would have a few more wins this season as Zanna, a freshman is not going to get calls nor is he going to stay on the court for much more than half the game and another big body is needed for us to win these close games.

    • That is probably the fairest thing I’ve heard today. I’ll admit one thing I questioned in my mind early on was whether Hernandez should be playing as much as a four as he has had and it turned out Perri was right because he had really played well this season at that spot. His tough-nosed playing style has been an positive attribute at that position. Woods had a great game vs Sacred Heart. He took advantage of the playing time he got in Atterberry’s absence. Woods did get in early foul trouble vs Wagner and Atterberry was rebounding the well for LIU and Perri decided to stick with his senior over the freshman. I can’t get too upset with that. Defensively, LIU needed the size to play up against Nolan Long in the middle which hurt Woods’ playing time in second half. I also agree that freshman aren’t going to get many calls but some of the calls against Zanna especially lately have been of the soft variety although he has to learn to not commit the bad/dumb fouls.

      • Are you kidding me Nelson? You have two twin freshman standing at 6’7 with 7′ wingspans that can cover from the 1 all the way to the 4 and can shoot the lights out and you don’t play them because you want to go with the senior? Trevin Woods has a double double the game before and he sees 9 minutes in the next game, thats ridiculous! You have to go with what wins you games. I won’t even get into what Perri must have against the other twin, Trevon Woods who was promised certain things regarding playing time and other things during recruitment, but a player of his talent should never be buried on the bench as he is right now.

        How long do you continue to go with two small freshman guards that can’t guard anyone for any period of time and seniors that are not getting the job done? They didn’t get it done last year and they not getting it done this year, clearly. Can you argue that?

        When is it time to go with the talent you brought in, freshman or not. Yes freshman make mistakes but if your not winning you have to change it up otherwise its a complete waste of a year. Perri has yet to make any significant adjustments. Perri is looking to me like a coach that has no idea what he is doing. When he sat in our living room to recruit my brothers and lied to our face the first time talking about offense, offense, offense. I knew then he was a D’Antoni style coach and wasn’t focused on defense. Looks like I was right!

        LIU’s winning 5 consist of Jamil Hood or Hermanson or Martin at the point, Trevon at the 2 or 3, Trevin at the 3 or 4, Atterbury at the 4, and Zanna at the 5. You can play with 1, 4, or 5 and interchange those positions but the twins should be the anchors. That would win you guys another NEC title. The size matchup disadvantage they pose at their positions to the other teams alone will help win games.

      • David Sack says:

        I agree with Lavon Woods about Perri’s focus on offense. This team really plays no D whatsoever. The two Icelandic guys have shined bright on offense, but really cannot play defense. Atterberry’s defense is atrocious. In Ferry’s days when we would put up 80-85 points a game our defense was masked but now it is obvious that this is a huge issue. No defense and no rebounding. Bad rebounding is a sign that guys aren’t working hard. The story of the Sacred Heart game, was that the Pioneers had 27 OFFENSIVE BOARDS, 27!!! This led to 28 second chance points for SHU. That is insane and shows poor coaching. Yes he disciplined Atterberry for a “violation of team rules,” but how about making sure he knows that he can’t take that shot. Changes need to come now before this season gets out of hand. They’ve really only played well for a four game stretch this season. They laid total eggs against very good Stony Brook and Hofstra teams, and their best win was over an overrated NJIT team, who although did beat Michigan, is now 9-9.

      • rAYMOND cHOW sPORTS says:

        I agree with Lavon Woods its has nothing to do with siblings if Coached Perri Lied Then he should hear the Wrath , Plus every guard that comes in plays with Elvar &Martin I swear as I look at them go thru their pick assignments and Elvar ends up on the floor or with a bloody nose I forget that we have professional european guards that are getting torched by Avg guards . But in Coach Perris eyes they cant do know wrong .But Ive been hearing from other parents that coach perri promised alot to other players too and changed when they came and reneged on his promise so he deserves peoples frustration venting .But it will get worse trust me Watch & See Dont support a coach that has a locker room divided

  7. Dan from Staten Island says:

    “Momentum can be fickle at times. Once a team has it, they ride it and once a team losses it, it’s not easy to get it back.”

    If a team has effective three-point specialists and they’re locked in, seizing the momentum back never seems to be that far away. A couple of defensive stops, followed by threes, can alter the terrain rather quickly, especially given the NEC parity where leads generally never get too large to overcome. The three ball can help you get out of the hole or help the other team quickly push you back in.

  8. David Sack says:

    I went down to SI for this one and while the call on Zanna was awful, the refs are not to blame for this loss. Yet again LIU was unable to hold a lead. I know this is a young team but they have got to step up. Wagner is probably the 2nd-worst team in the NEC. And how about the last shot by Atterberry. What was that!? With 6.5 seconds left, for him to take that shot with Hermannsson wide open in the corner! Atterberry is 28.9% from 3 this year, compared to Gerell Matin and Iverson Fleming who are far better from 3. How can Perri allow Atterberry to take that shot. Why is he the guy. Again I know this is a young team but I’m not sure that Perri is the guy. He will get another year, but he will be fired at the end of next year.

    • The refs are never the sole reason for any win or loss but to say there is no denying the officiating in that game was pretty terrible. With that said, I agree with you certain guys do have to step up a bit but Zanna and Hernandez stepped up big in this game and if Zanna didn’t foul out on, let’s just call what they were, two terrible calls who knows how that game would have ended. Wagner had no answer for Zanna in the second half. Wagner doesn’t have a great record and no, they are not great, they are rebuilding and have the second-youngest team in the NEC after LIU but Marcus Burton is a very good player and they do have some nice young guys and they were playing at home so this game wasn’t exactly a gimme game.

      The final shot they got that ball to their best three-point shooter in Gerrell Martin and he missed badly. The ball got back out to Atterberry was briefly open at the top of the key and double-clutched the shot after seeing the defender sprinting at him. His shot was terrible. If was obviously he felt he didn’t have much time to shoot or else he wouldn’t have shot that bad of a shot. I really didn’t have a problem with him shooting it there. He is capable of making that shot.

      I wholeheartedly disagree with you on Perri. I think he has done a great job this season so far even if the record doesn’t show it. This is one of the youngest teams in the country, it takes time and patience to develop a team with this much young talent on it. With the exception of the Stony Brook game, the first New Hampshire game, and the Hofstra game, they have been in much every game this season. They have lost all three of these NEC games by less than two possessions. They have been playing close. They are learning to win this season. Perri isn’t going anywhere and nor should he. The idea that he is going to be fired is laughable. I think LIU is in good shape for the next couple of coming seasons. As long as the team is competitive this season and all the freshmen and sophomores are getting the experience on the court, fans shouldn’t be upset with this season. There are good wins and bad losses this season, that what happens with young teams. All you really want to see is this team get into the NEC tourney this season, whatever seed they get and get a little postseason taste this season so they know what to expect next season.

      • David Sack says:

        The fact of the matter is that they really should’ve won all four of these first games. We were favored over Bryant according to KenPom. The FDU loss was terrible because they only have two players you really need to worry about in Anderson, who dominated the first half, and Jones who torched us in the second half. Needing 2 OTs to beat Sacred Heart, who looked absolutely horrendous. Then Wagner who as I mentioned is awful, and we know what happened. Look I don’t expect an NEC title this year but I really think that we cannot be content with being close against the bottom of the conference. When we start playing the PA teams and Mount St. Mary’s and St. Francis Brooklyn we are going to get blown out. Other than one nice stretch where they didn’t get any quality wins the team has been very bad this year. Jack Perri won an NEC Championship his first year with all of Jim Ferry’s players, and since then his teams have been awful. He doesn’t really seem to have control of his team either, as the bench never really shows and passion or emotion. The 3-Peat teams were led by guys who wanted nothing more than to win. These guys need a disciplinarian style of coaching, and that is not what Perri is.

      • I think you are being a little unfair and overly critical of Perri, in my opinion. Yes, KenPom had them slightly favored over Bryant and FDU but it was by just three and four points respectively because they were home. They weren’t overwhelming favorites. They didn’t lose a game they were suppose to win by a couple of possessions. The Wagner game, Wagner was actually favored by a point. Could LIU have won all four games? Yes but they just couldn’t make plays down the stretch in their three losses. That is what happens with young teams like LIU. The parity in the NEC this season is as high as I can recall. There are very few gimmes this season. Did you expect Mount St. Mary’s to beat St. Francis Brooklyn this weekend? The Mount had been playing terrible before that game.

        Perri didn’t just arrive at LIU either. He has been there for 10 years now. The first season, yes, you can say it was Ferry’s team but he did recruit a lot of those players including Jason Brickman and he won it through a ton of adversity and as a 3-seed that year. He beat Wagner at Wagner in the NEC tournament. Last season, he was decimated by injuries especially in the front court. Any team that has players miss over 100 games due to injuries is going to struggle, I’m sorry. This season, I think he is doing a solid job of rebuilding the program to get them back into NEC contention for the next season and beyond. You sound like he has beed bad for several years. He had one rough season last season. Obviously, you are not giving him much credit to getting his team to win a third NEC championship which no school had ever done.

        I don’t agree with you that Perri is not a disciplinarian either. He just disciplined Landon Atterberry a game for violating team rules which by the way they won that game. I’m at nearly every single game and watched every game this season, Perri has been the most fiery and passionate he has ever been on the sidelines this season, without a question. His team is always jumping up and down, showing emotion, cheering on their teammates during games. I don’t know what you are seeing there. Letting go of Perri who be one of the dumbest things LIU could do. Big time coaches are not knocking down the door to coach LIU, let’s remember that.

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