First look at the LIU Brooklyn 2014-15 non-conference schedule

This is the first post looking ahead at the 2014-15 season for the LIU Brooklyn men’s basketball team. I want to start by looking at the next season’s non-conference schedule and take a peek at the back end of LIU’s home and home series games.

There are four known home and home series that will conclude next season. You will likely see the following four teams once again on LIU’s schedule come late August or September:

Lehigh (Home)

NJIT (Home)

Norfolk State (Away)

Temple (Away)

LIU split the games against these four teams this past season beating NJIT on the road and Norfolk State at home. They lost to Lehigh on the road and were walloped by Temple at the Barclays Center in the Brooklyn Hoops Holiday Invitational.

With that LIU head coach Jack Perri and his coaching staff will need to find eight more non-conference games for next season. The NEC will return back to an 18-game conference schedule in 2014-15 and play a balanced schedule in which LIU will play all nine NEC teams twice, home and away. So the coaching staff have two less non-conference games to schedule next season which is a plus considering how hard it has been in the past for not just LIU but most of the NEC teams to schedule 14 non-conference games.

As the spring and summer goes along, I’ll be keeping tabs on LIU Brooklyn’s 2014-15 non-conference schedule and I’ve created a schedule tracker page to track down their games for next season as information starts making its way out to the public.

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