NEC Media Day Quotes: The Best from the Rest

NEC men's coaches at the 2013 NEC Media Day in Brooklyn. (Credit: Northeast Conference)

NEC men’s coaches at the 2013 NEC Media Day in Brooklyn. (Credit: Northeast Conference)

In my attempt to cover as much of the 2013 NEC Basketball Media Day as I could, I went around to some of the other NEC men’s basketball coaches and got to hear them talk about their teams and the conference. Here are some of the best quotes from a few of the NEC coaches in what I would like to call, “The Best from the Rest”:

– Wagner’s head coach Bashir Mason on his team being picked preseason number one: “I really do believe how we handle being picked preseason number one will determine our season. If we feel satisfied, we feel like ok we already accomplished something then we won’t be number one at the end of the year. My hope is we view that as being a target. There is a bullseye on our back every night and if we don’t come out ready to prepare ourselves and practice everyday to play well and then go into games and play well then we won’t be number one at the end of the year.”

Jamion Christian on his Mount St. Mary’s team: “I’m really excited to get a chance to work with this group of guys. They just been really passionate. They’ve been through a ton of stuff, ton of adversity here at the Mount and they have really overcome it. I’ve think we have gotten over the hump there. I’m really excited to work with them. I think what we saw the second half of last year is a group of guys who really bought in to playing with one another, being unselfish in everything that we do and that’s going to continue over into this season.”

Howie Dickenman on his expanded depth of his CCSU team: “We are different this year than last year because we have depth. Last year, we played with a maximum of seven players and walk in with six players, this year we can go ten deep.”

Greg Herenda on his team going into his first season as head coach of FDU: “I like my guys. When that going to translate into winning games is going to be up to (things like) if the ball goes in the basket and we execute.”

– Wagner’s Bashir Mason on the new hand-check rules planning to be enforced in college basketball this season: “As a defensive minded coach, I’m really worried about it. Talking with some of the coaches in the league who have already had officials in their gym, some of the fouls that they were calling and those guys know in a way my team try to defend, they said you are going to hate the new rules. It will be tough, we’ll have to make the adjustment. It is what it is, there is nothing that you can do about it.”

New Sacred Heart head coach Anthony Latina on how his style will be different from long-time former head coach Dave Bike: “It is different in that we will pick up more full court. We will trap more. Coach (Bike) was more of a half-court defensive team and we will still do that on occasion. We probably switch defenses a lot more than they have in the past. So from the defensive end, we’ll play different. Offensively, Coach (Bike) did encourage running. I think we are emphasizing it a little more, so I think in that regard it will be a little different.”

Jamion Christian on why his Mount Mayhem style is difficult to play against: “We’re going to play ten guys every night. We’re committed to doing that. By doing that, it gives our team a tremendous amount of camaraderie. I think our spirit overall as a team, night in and night out, kind of builds itself. I think at some point in the year that will help to beat some teams that are maybe not ready to play that night. I think the camaraderie that we have is one of our key focuses. We try to focus on that every day. We want to be a team that is every night that has the most enthusiasm and if we’re able to have the most enthusiasm and mix in unselfish players, yeah we are going to be tough to beat.”

Wagner’s Bashir Mason on having no returning All-NEC first team or preseason All-NEC team players yet getting picked to win the NEC: “That makes me feel good as a coach. I want not the best individual players, I want the best team. That is all our message has been throughout the preseason, its been team, team, team. Not having a guy on the first team all-conference, that sort of, the coaches around the league reiterate my point, we don’t have a guy who is going to carry us night in and night out. We have a decent team that if we play that way, we can be really good.”

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