LIU Brooklyn officially release 2012-13 MBB roster

September is here. Summer is gone for another year and the student-athletes are back on campus for the fall semester and get themselves ready for the upcoming challenge of this new season. Not just any season but a season where history can be written by winning a third consecutive Northeast Conference regular season and tournament championship. LIU Brooklyn released the 2012-13 men’s basketball roster during my vacation hiatus. There are a few new names to the Blackbirds’ team which of course we already knew about for quite some time and then there are couple more new names that we aren’t so familiar with. We already knew about incoming freshmens D.J. Griggs and E.J. Reed. We also knew about sophomore Khalid Murphy who transferred from University of San Francisco over the summer and will have to sit out this season. The two new names to the roster who some might or might not have heard of before are Kedar Edwards and Gilbert Parga.

Kedar Edwards is a name we have heard months ago that LIU had interest in. ESPN recruiting had Edwards as considering LIU Brooklyn since early last season. Edwards had been rumored at one time to have committed to going to South Carolina but then those rumors were quickly voided by him and his HS coaches. LIU beat out schools like Dayton, La Salle, St. Bonaventure, Towson and Manhattan to win over his services. Edwards is a 6’4″, 190 lbs. shooting guard who started his high school career in Brooklyn playing at Wingate H.S. before transferring to West Oaks Academy in Orlando, FL. Although I couldn’t find his senior year stats, he did average 17 ppg and 10 rpg in his junior year at West Oak. If you look at some of his youtube videos including this one:

You can see he is a dunker and has very good leaping ability. Also, it looks like his likes to find the open man and is not afraid to share the ball. His weakness seems to be his defense according to some recruiting sites. He was also first team all-state in Florida in both his junior and senior years. He was once ranked the 14th best senior in Florida. He could win himself some frontcourt minutes off the bench this season if can get the job done on the boards and finish on some moves to the rim.

Gilbert Brandon Parga is a junior college transfer from Citrus College in California. He is a 6’4″, 205 lbs. shooting guard/small forward. Last season, he started in all 28 games he played and averaged 17.8 ppg and 3.4 rpg. He shot over 50% from the field and shot nearly 45% from three on 116 3-PT attempts. Good free throw shooter at 82% and averaged the 2nd most minutes played on the team. His team finished 28-2 last season and was a perfect 12-0 in their conference. In this highlight video I found of him from high school, he appears to have good outside touch and can knock down jumpers. His height will help his cause in getting some spot playing time and he can play at either the 2 or 3 spot which further helps his cause. He should add depth at both positions and I could see him being used as a three-point specialist if or when it becomes needed.


  1. Here is some video of Parga at the Junior college level…looks like a very nice player..can really bury the three.


    • Thanks for the video. I did see this one too before. It sounds like Praga was going to go to Iona but ended up at LIU through new associate head coach Mark Calzonetti who came from Iona’s staff.

  2. I do agree with you 100% on your evaluation of Parga..He will most likely be used as 3 point specialist or Zone breaker he shot almost 45 percent from 3 lat year and 50% from the field…Definitely a zone breaker


  3. Hi Nelson..Thanks for the great post on the new additions to the LIU
    roster, However I think that Kedar Edward will be an awesome player for LIU and should win a starting spot as Wing opposite of Osalaware..

    Here is a Link from January which will tell you what he is about…

    Kedar has also built a streetball reputation having been given the name “Superman” in this Dyckman tourney

    Anyway, it is very exciting to have a player of his caliber playing for LIU this coming year.

    I hope you had a great vacation..


    • Thanks again for reading. As far Kedar Edwards go, there is no doubt he looks like a great player and I think he is a very good get for LIU. Although, anything is a possibilty at this point especially since no one knows exactly what coach Jack Perri is planning on doing with his starting lineup. We know there is just one open spot available and that is the second two-guard/small forward spot that looks like right now is going to either Brandon Thompson or Gerrell Martin. Right now, it looks like Thompson as a senior is going to get the spot. The thing I see with Edwards is that he likes going to the basket and with Olasewere, Boyd and Garner all go-to-the-basket kind of guys, I can’t see them using another similar style guy with these three at the same time. They need a shooter on the floor with this group who can knock down open jumpers and make threes on kick outs. Although, things could change as the season goes along, don’t look for Edwards to start right away or at all this season unless injuries happen (which would be devastating) or he plays so well, they have to start him. This is a veteran team and the experienced guys are going to get the first opportunities.

      • I agree with you about Edwards looking like he likes to go to the basket, however over the past week I have looked at extensive video and Kedar has a real sweet stroke from 3 and will take it when open…Thompson on the other hand shot just 37 percent overall and 32 percent from three not at all the reliable shooter the Blackbirds need.. and Martin.. looked like he has to physically mature in order to compete at this level…

        However, it will be up to Coach Perri to make the right decision and I am sure that he will



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